Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This was sent to Corp. HR from a candidate that I interviewed, this makes my job rewarding, knowing that someone cared and took the time to send a Thanks

To Whom It May Concern:

In recent months I've had the opportunity to switch roles in Human Resources from interviewer to interviewee. Some experiences have been enriching, others not so, but each experience has definitely assisted in forming my opinion on a particular organization and whether I myself would apply to, or refer a friend to, apply to a particular organization. As a former HR Generalist I spent countless hours advising applicants on skills to strengthen, resumes to edit, and interviewing skills to sharpen in an effort to assist them in becoming a part of my team. Some applicants heeded my advice and to their own praises were successful in their ventures, others not so much. My point being that throughout my career I have learned that being a professional and positive representative of an organization has not only a great affect on one's self and future but that of the many whose future you affect. I had the pleasant experience of speaking with a Ms. Kay Williams, Sr. Recruiter with Sodexho today. Together there was a very warm & endearing exchange of information where I felt that I learned how Sodexho has contributed to the professional success of her and others. I also learned how Sodexho could invest in my career-pathing goals & development. The best part about the experience was that although she was honest in advising that in the event this search not fulfill my future endeavors, that Sodexho offers so many opportunities. She was the complete on-boarding package of care, positivity, & optimism. In closing, what I can say is that being an HR professional, striving for personal & professional success is affected by those you meet along the way. What I'm hoping for in my future is that I continue to meet those that possess the nature and values of what Ms. Williams projected of herself & Sodexho.

Cheers, Desiree`

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