Thursday, March 13, 2008

If you knew you were dying...

This is a must see video clip...a friend sent this to me and I watched as I got the tissues out!

You will find that it will humble you and make you stop and think of your life. I try to live my life with the Motto of pay it forward, I try to help each person that I come in contact with either by a word of encouragement or guidance in how to interview well and make an impression. At the end of the day all we have are our good deeds...

My very best friend in the world who I've known for over 35 years got in a car accident in November of 07 and unfortunately her husband did not make it, she never got to say "Good Bye" or "I Love You"...She is my Tigger (video clip) I Share her pain everyday and all I can say to her is "I Love You & I'm here for you!"

Make each day count and try to help everyone that you come in contact with... Pay it forward!


Kay said...

Today is his 48th Birthday April 21

Happy Birthday Bob!

Kay said...
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Kay said...


Robert L "Bob" Burlingham, the man
with the brightest smile in the off_shore racing industry, has passed away at the age of 47 in a fatal car accident this past November, as he was just an hour into his joumey down to the Key West Worlds.
Surviving the crash were his beloved wife Linda and one other passenger in the backseat of the vehicle, Morgan. Bob was
the loving dad of sons Bobbv and
Greg and new grandson,Lil Bobby.
Bob brought immense talent and
knowledge to the marine industry serving as Crew Chief for several top teams over the years. He was part of Master Tech for six World Champions and three national Titles before movins on
to Factory One when crewing for Gino Marrone and Mark Kowalski. He then teamed up with Caesars Casino's Resorts. under the command of Neil Wobbe and Bill Beavens. Bob was also
a former member of Mercury Racing's
X-Site Race Support Technical Team
and Proprietor of Ohio's Edgewater
and East 55th Marinas. When finding
some downtime from working on the
boats, Bob was an avid sportsman who loved hunting pheasant and duck, as well as fishing.
Professionally, Bob was known for
his skill in setting-up and fine-tuning some of the most competitive marine machines ever built. Personally. Bob
was known for his giant heart.
From the first time you met Bob, you were immediately drawn to him and felt his zest for life. When making the yearly trek down to Key West, one place Bob was particularly fond of was alongside
the monumental and grandiose tree,
out in front of Ricks on Duvall Street. For those that knew him, we will always have the sweet lingering image Bob as we pass by his special spot when in Key West, though life without Bob will never be the same.